Divine Glory Consequentialism

Divine Glory Consequentialism (DGC) is my proposal for a Christian ethical framework for decision making whose guiding principle is that God’s glory (i.e. praise, respect, or admiration, or inciting others to do the same) should be maximized.

I have a draft paper on DGC combined with an application of DGC to a defense of radical effective altruism. This paper was presented at an Effective Altruism for Christians (EACH) Retreat in August 2022 and an EACH Workshop in September 2022. Here are my slides for the retreat.

I presented a paper on DGC at the Society of Christian Philosophers Midwest Meeting in October 2021, and here are the slides from my talk.
Slides for the Society of Christian Philosophers

I also detail DGC in a discussion with my friend The Socratic Sessions in September 2020, and my slides for the presentation are given below.
Slides for The Socratic Sessions
Note: in the slides and in the video, I call it divine glory utilitarianism rather than consequentialism. However, I realized that utilitarianism is committed to maximizing well-being specifically (in whatever is one’s preferred account of well-being, such as hedonism or desire-satisfaction), and divine glory is not an account of well-being, so maximizing God’s glory is more accurately described as a form of consequentialism rather than utilitarianism.

I am still developing this idea and am preparing it for academic publication. I will write blog posts on it eventually.