Divine Glory Consequentialism

Divine Glory Consequentialism (DGC) is my proposal for a Christian ethical framework for decision making whose guiding principle is that God’s glory (i.e. praise, respect, or admiration, or inciting others to do the same) should be maximized.

I presented a paper on DGC at the Society of Christian Philosophers Midwest Meeting in October 2021, and here are the slides from my talk.
Slides for the Society of Christian Philosophers

I also detail DGC in a discussion with my friend The Socratic Sessions in September 2020, and my slides for the presentation are given below.
Slides for The Socratic Sessions
Note: in the slides and in the video, I call it divine glory utilitarianism rather than consequentialism. However, I realized that utilitarianism is committed to maximizing well-being specifically (in whatever is one’s preferred account of well-being, such as hedonism or desire-satisfaction), and divine glory is not an account of well-being, so maximizing God’s glory is more accurately described as a form of consequentialism rather than utilitarianism.

I plan to continue to develop this idea and write about it in this blog and hopefully in an academic publication in the future.